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Where Is The Love?

“Oh snap ya’ll!”

Sometimes you have a bike; a beloved, blue collar commuter bike but it’s a little boring in the looks and performance areas. It lacks that certain… je ne sais quoi. In layman’s terms, its components ain’t doin’ it for ya. Well gentle bike commuter, what better way to spruce up a humdrum ride than by adding a new set of brake levers??? And what lever is better for “sprucing” than the Paul Components‘ Love Lever (BKLR1065 and 1066 for those of you following along in your catalog)? They come in black and silver and they’re hand machined in California and not some noxious, Stalin-esque factory in Taiwan that doesn’t allow PEE BREAKS. I had a pair on my banged up city cruiser and within nanoseconds, they sparked that old bike romance into a conflagration of cycle-pyrotechnics. Taking a cue from us little guys, this big box factory brand called Firefly threw some Love Levers on one of their own city bikes and voila, what was a dull, drab, boring, beater of a DI2 equipped ti frame was suddenly a grocery getter supreme! Check it out! Total makeover!!! From grotesque bridge troll to Heidi Klum covered in bacon gravy…