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Rage Against The Machinist

The great thing about cyclocross compared to mountain biking is that with the latter, when it’s nasty out, you’re advised to stay off the bike and give the trails some time to drain and with the former, the nastier it is the better because nobody cares about public parks, disc golf fairways and parking lots and apparently being covered in mud makes great photography subjects. While that isn’t technically true, it’s nebulousness and over-arching generality makes it seem true, so it is. After the “conditions” argument against mountain biking and for cross, mountain biking wins in every comparison. That being said, Bloggy can say that he is genuinely excited about this weekend’s world championship. No doubt we’ve read about the treacherous sand (and the Shai Hulud dwelling below), the huge crowds (40,000 tickets sold with another 10,000 counterfeits being printed up), the vast quantities of alcohol ordered (Kokaijde means “nature’s urinal in Flemish) and the American contingent looking to make their mark this year (I bet my left kidney Driscoll podiums). What we haven’t read about is where you plan on inviting Bloggy to view the race with you. I like waffles, grits, scrambled eggs, blueberry bagels, mimosas, french press anything and the less conversation the better so keep that in mind before you send me your evite. Also, I’m lactose intolerant and my silverware needs to be kosher. Keeping things on the Heule tip, here’s another gopro video from his Koksijde practice lap. This is a lovely lead-in (or lead-out) to mention the new-for-2012 Go Pro camera mounts from our machinist friends K-Edge. These are strong, lightweight and can be used on the bars or the saddle. The Go Pro adapter mount (SD9980) lets you attach your camera to things like skateboards or helicopter blades if cycling isn’t cutting it for you anymore but you still want to see some visual proof of your activites. HDBR9502 and HDBR9504 will satisfy your handlebar mount needs while SD9984 is for the saddle rail view, ie “that dude WAS staring at my backside, lasciviously!”…

Here’s some hot Go Pro action from Christian Heule…

K-Edge Chain Catchers ETA: ‘Bout a week

To quote our Georgia outside sales rep, Morgan Fluhrer: Campagnolo = Stage Win… SRAM Red = Dropped Chain. Oof, you gotta feel for poor Andy Schleck. What a time for a mechanical which in turn forced him to risk life and limb on a somewhat precarious descent as he made a futile attempt to catch the Contador group. Perhaps if he had invested in the K-Edge chain catcher, he would still be in yellow, instead of the white “Best-est young Webelo riders” jersey, seething with rage like a young Annakin Skywaker right before he massacred all those Tusken Raiders after his mother died. Ugh, Tusken Raiders. Why does everything in life come back to them, but I digress. Now poor, emaciated, brotherless Andy Schleck will be forced to attack on Thursday’s stage since his time trialing prowess isn’t as good as Contador’s. What does this mean? Well, judging by his previous mechanical history, catastrophic stem and handlebar failure on the first descent followed by some sort of chain and seatstay disintegration on the Col Du Tormalet, capped off by a drunken, nude Tusken Raider dance party in the Saxo Bank bus. They always nude-boogie-dance in single file, to hide their numbers. K-Edge purchaser Patrick’s fruit bat ears have perked up at the mention of nude Tusken Raider dance parties, so as diversion, here are some of the chain keepers that shall be here in the warehouse next week.

And, the single ring cyclocross version….

These come in Braze on and clamp flavors for both road and cyclocross options. Works with Sram, Shimano and Campagnolo. CHAN8402CHAN8452 and CHAN8456 for those of you following along in your online catlog. Super-Fresh! These are machined and anodized in Idaho which is weird because nothing good has ever come out of Idaho, except Built To Spill, and they haven’t put out a decent record since their split EP with Caustic Resin over a decade ago! Huzzah!