Random Sighting

Adam got in a bag of bacon flavored coffee today. Didn’t know what to expect but upon opening the bag, an intoxicating musk of maple syrup grabbed Adam’s olfactory glands with the firmness of a young Tully Blanchard arm bar. Julie said it was like a McGriddle. Bloggy agreed with Adam that the odor of maple and coffee, while “different”, was not very promising for future consumption. Veins full of pioneer spirit but devoid of caffeine, Adam brewed us up a french press full of the stench water. It went down smooth and scalding but the lack of bacon flavor left much to be desired. I look forward to several more cups later this week. Always wanted to work in a place that smells like an IHOP. Sufficiently caffeinated, Bloggy was reading about Independent Fabrication pulling stakes for their new home in New Hampshire (the South Carolina of New England) and noticed a local shop jersey on their sponsored teams wall. Chapeau Outspokin’

Looking for something related to our friends at IF, stumbled across this video. Cross starts in 2 and 3/4 months folks. I don’t speak German:

CYCLOCROSS by Ken Bloomer from e r t z u i ° film on Vimeo.

Catalog Production, Day 8724.

It isn’t day 8274 of catalog production, but after staring at “rims” and their corresponding strips and cements for several hours, it’s starting to feel like this thing is reproducing itself on an endless loop. I’m trapped in a Phillip Glass tune being played by G.G. Allin and the Murder Junkies and somehow it’s got something to do with the Stargate and Timex watches. My mind, it’s crumbling like blue cheese. Perhaps a quick tour of Independent Fabrications to help keep the “crazies” at bay? Click on the pic for a look into the mouth madness (courtesy of Prolly Is Not Probably)…

By the way, there’s a lovely bit of cyclocross racing happenin’ this weekend in Charlotte, NC (The Queen City). The NC Cross Series rolls into town offering you your best chance of showing off your cowbell ringing skills and heckling abilities…