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Monday’s Featured Entrée: Rasta Primavera

Basso the Butcher, bringin’ Alice the meat…

First things first. As much as Cyclingnews and Rapha and great blogs like Pave Pave Pave and Neverendingmonkeytronbicyclespaceship tried to hype up the Tour of Poland and Denmark, they were still snoozefests compared to Jeff Kerkove’s harrowing write-up of his first attempt at the Colorado Trail Race. Egads. Almost regurgitated my peanut butter toast on the keyboard this morning looking at that jungle rot foot shot. Inadvertent rhyme this early in a post? Tis’ a portentous omen. Red sky at morning, bloggers take warning. Rhyming in a post, barf up your toast. Second on the agenda, an apology to my good friend and shipping department cohort Brad who was kind enough to invite me to the airing of the Mixed Martial Art bout this weekend at a local “wings” dispensary (I think it was Gentleman John Wiggins versus a Mega-Raptor for 134 rounds). Health concerns of a gastrointestinal nature “arose” and fearing a catastrophic “event” miles away from the friendly confines of Castle Bloggenstein, I chose to stay ensconced within my labyrinthine system of tunnels and passageways burrowed out of jazz records and Seinfeld DVDs. For those of you who run a shop and order from us, there is an excellent chance that Brad may have packed your last order of Super Record and Honka Hootas. As far as the World Shipping rankings go, Brad is currently ranked third overall in Kenda tube box to riser bar logistical space usage percentage and has a .732 slugging percentage. He also ranks number two in “healthiest daily lunch choice”, just behind Jose, but nine spots ahead of The Blog. In addition to an unhealthy obsession with MMA fighting and submission holds yet a healthy obsession with rabbit food, Brad recently completed his collegiate schooling where he majored in Octagonal Capitulation and Anaerobic Constriction. Cum Laude! But as befits a Renaissance man, in addition to “death blows” and “larynx removals”, Brad is obsessed with some seriously intense music: Randy Newman (visual proof provided by his Facebook page),

Steely Dan, Buckethead (?!), T Rex, Hall and Oates and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. While these are monolithic examples of contemporary pop music, the young whippersnapper still refuses to accept the fact that western music begins and ends at Studio One in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica!

He is an obstinate lad indeed but luckily a certain Defeet product manager has given in to the “riddims” and acquiesced to the demands of young, dreadlock-less Michael Bronsons all over the globe: bring in the “One Love” rasta sock for 2010 (CLTH6092). It’s called the “One Love”, but ever since we shot images of the sample pair, I insist on calling it the Peter Tosh, which doesn’t make sense, but feeeeeels right. And yes, they come in the Aireator model with the standard 3″ cuff. If Defeet makes these in a sleepwear model, I assume they’ll be called Prince Jammies (hoo ah!). By the way, Michael Bronson has the only roll of Cinelli rasta handlebar tape in the warehouse (discontinued from our inventory as of the writing of this entry), sitting at his desk, taunting me… TO TAKE IT!!!

Sock Barf Factor, Six And Rising.

An early front runner in “The Ugliest Helmet Of The Year” contest, seen at last week’s World Cup race. Is that the new Orbea helmet? Yuck…

In other news, Sandy ate some Kibbles and Bits for lunch by accident and barfed up a big, steaming pile of new Defeet socks for 2010-11. After passing out in her chair from all the barf vapors, we made Adam and The Blog wear the new Mondo Mellowthon and Mondo Peloton socks for the office’s amusement. They danced for coins until both of them collapsed from exhaustion. It was a pleasant time for all. Lookie there, methinks I see a People For Bikes sock!

Adam shows the Mondo Peloton’s (CLTH6664) height in relation to the Wiggins limit, which is the absolute highest point on a calf a sock can be worn before it begins to look stupid. Handmade in North Carolina from delicious wool.

The Blog models (at knife point) the Mondo Mellothon (CLTH6661) which is a full length sock for both trail and office. It is well past the Wiggins Limit and would look more appropriate at the boci ball court or Revolutionary War re-enactmen, yet it does not displease me.