Josh’s Colorado Adventure (or is it Atlanta?!)

You can do a lot with a green screen nowadays, but these photos of Colorado Josh (marketing) uploaded look pretty legit! Josh and a group of riders (including a disheveled former Hawley employee who proudly describes himself as “Dave Carson’s lickspittle”) explored the San Juan Hut system on a seven day journey that tested mind, body and grundle. Here are some nice snaps Josh took. Please enjoy:










Lake Tahoe, Land Of Many Sales Reps


Matt Tag (customer service manager) and a ton of Hawleyites were in Sparks, NV last week attending our midyear sales meeting. Big plans were hatched, logistics were tinkered with and the traditional wicker man was built and subsequently burned. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY HERB! With some time on their hands, a few brave sales reps accompanied Matt around Lake Tahoe on mountainous bicycles! Don’t believe Bloggy? Behold, photographic evidence of frivolity!


Our willing supplicants, Mike, Jeff and Trey:



IMG_20140718_191848  IMG_20140719_103804  IMG_20140719_104758  IMG_20140719_110549




Sausage Making Is complete, now what?

Kevin invited us up to Conference Station Zebra (or if you’re using “Lost” nomenclature, The Hydra) to view the results of last Friday’s “sausage making” of the Swobo bike video. A motley crew gathered and waited for Kevin to show us his sausage. The response spanned the spectrum from positive to “an unending feeling of dread that haunts my every waking moments” (Harold’s words). Kevin and J-Town did an awesome job and hopefully we’ll get the finished result (or “sausage” if you insist on using Kevin’s disgusting term for it) up on our Facebook and Youtube channel. Let’s hear it for creative consensus!


Sausage Making: SWOBO

Kevin dragged J-Town (receiving) out and about town Friday for a Swobo video shoot. Kevin got two parking tickets but the footage was worth it. As usual, we’ll have video evidence posted after Kevin gets done editing. J-Town made it back in one piece.

Before: j_town_vw


Sausage making with product managers


Today, Kevin and Bloggy drove out into the hinterlands and filmed three product managers during their daily lunch ride. The reason? I have no idea but Kevin assured me it was work-related and then tapped the side of his nose and slowly nodded. Puzzled, I did the same thing and we both stood there for 15 minutes tapping our noses and creeping out most of the accounting department. Nose-tapping aside, the shoot (the titular sausage making) was a moderate success.


Everybody had a good time. I guess you could call it a sausage party if you were so inclined. The only moment of genuine, abject terror came during a filming sequence on a fairly busy road. It was a slight downhill and our three riders were booking it. Suddenly, Matt and Jose came around on the left side of the filming vehicle. Instinctively, I corrected to the right to avoid them and forgot JBK was behind the car on the right side. Suddenly, JBK is doing 20+ mph thru sand and rocks off the shoulder. He kept his nerve and had the bike back on the road but it was a stark reminder for Bloggy: product managers search for death. There’s not much visual evidence as I was white-knuckling it for the most part but Kevin should have something visually stimulating posted in the near future. Here is photo of Matt and JBK sausage-partying it up…


Golden Paddle Update


It’s been a long, brutal slog but the final match has been set for this year’s edition of the Golden Paddle. After a well-contested match in the final loser’s bracket, Richard (shipping, quality control) yielded to a far superior Teddy (marketing hefé) in two games out of three. This now means Teddy plays defending champion James (receiving, imposing figure). James has a condor-like wingspan and reflexes like a meth-head on payday so Teddy will have his work cut out for him. The championship match is next Wednesday. For those of you looking to bet money on the match, contact Bloggy through his other venture, Mega-Bet-Fun-Time LLC based in Bermuda, slowly cornering the market of amateur ping pong betting. Have a frank and productive weekend.


Kevin’s New Ride


Kevin (video guy) has a propensity for riding some unusual bikes, if not somewhat dangerous/sketchy bikes. Luckily for Kevin, he’s really good at making videos and this led to a short he made for Reliance Foundry’s Pedals for Professionals contest! Kevin won first prize which meant he got a lot of nice bicycle thingies courtesy of the good people at Reliance Foundry. This video is over a month old so apologies for the tardiness of its posting. Check it out (cameos by Patrick and Teddy) and check out Kevin’s new Marin Cortina (Di2, Hydraulic brakes, Zipp 303′s, yawn, zzzzzz)…

the magic hour from Kevin Neidorf on Vimeo.

kevin_marin_1 kevin_marin_2 kevin_marin_3 kevin_marin_4 kevin_marin_5 kevin_marin_6 kevin_marin_7 kevin_marin_8