Tipper: The most dangerous game

“I wanted an ideal animal to hunt,” explained the general. “So I said: ‘What are the attributes of an ideal quarry?’ And the answer was of course: ‘It must have courage, cunning, and, above all, it must be able to reason. Also, it needs to be skinny with a beard.'”


Bring Your Dog To Work and Office Nerf Gun Stress Relief Day

Cal (customer service minion, suspect Cat 3 roadie, beardist) brought his dog Dundee into work today. Dundee is an Australian shepherd mix. He’s really smart but doesn’t have any of the weird genetic stuff that happens with the pure breeds so he’s that much more amazing. Dundee is nine years old which is mid-60s in human years but he romps and skidoo’s like a pup! Crimony, Bloggy loves this dog!


Behold, mental focus beyond our puny human capacity. Dundee, you are a GOD!


Behold, Dundee exhibits the human emotion of shame.


Here’s ole Zack Hawley doing a mega-creep on poor old Dundee. He’s just doing his job like everybody else Zack, so lay off! By the way Zack, your cubicle looks like a landfill.


Dundee exhibits the human emotion of over-the-shoulder mega-pouty face. He learned this from Rutger Hauer’s character in “Blade Runner”.


In related news, 2/5 of the marketing department plus 1/8 of the purchasing department went to the Red Bank Walmart (yup, let that sink in) in order to find a Nerf gun for Kevin. Patrick insisted we look in the Hello Kitty/Barbie aisle first until his ruse was discovered. Treachery! After several minutes and several nervous shoppers hurrying by with fear/confusion in their eyes, Kevin settled on your standard multi-round 90 footer hand cannon. Happy Hanukkah!


Test run: Crotch shot!


This intrigued me:



Have a frank and productive weekend. Play us the heck outta here Patrick!


Queen City Cyclocross: Embrace The Carnage

With nothing to do, Bloggy drove up to Charlotte and watched 200 metric tons of red clay-infused mud terraform a once bucolic city park into a primeval wasteland. In addition, a cyclocross race broke out! Joshie was the only Hawleyite who raced but there were several shop employees and industry leeches espied from the parcours. Sometimes it’s better to let the photos do the talking…

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Bring Your Dog To Work: Homer


Wait a second, it’s Friday already? What happened to Wednesday? Where did Thursday go? Where are my pants? Bloggy is so confused. Time travel conspiracy theories aside, even though I find this gaping hole in my weekly timeline most unsettling, I’ll take a Friday over a Monday any day of the week, especially if it’s Friday. Now that we’ve settled that, it’s time to introduce our weekly furry office visitor. This week’s special guest is Teddy’s (Marketing Manager) dog Homer. Homer is an Australian Shepherd. He’s only 7 months old so he’s still got a lot of hyperactivity and curiosity that comes with that age group. Bloggy and Phil agreed that Homer looks like a Muppet come to life, which is pretty awesome if you think about it. He’s our Muppy Puppy!

homer_2 homer_hallwayhomer_running

Desperately searching for Teddy…


Homer, what have they done with your tail? Have you misplaced it?!


Homer passed the Jose test… and earned his love… forever.

jose_homer_1 jose_homer_2 jose_homer_3homer_1

Have a frank and productive weekend, see ya’ll at the Queen City Cyclocross race Sunday. Patrick, play us the heck outta here!


Another world class gcn cyclocross video!

I don’t understand, how do these magnificent bastards at GCN put such great videos together? I mean, the music could stand a bit of tweak (I’m sure the rights to Swell Maps would cost a fortune), but other than that, they’re top notch. Also, how do they get all these interviews that are actually cogent compared to their American counterparts who tend to wallow in existential gum flapping. Tom Meeusen tells his interviewer, “Take my wheel, and you are happy to enjoy it!” No Tom, we are all happy to enjoy it! A few screencaps with subtitles…

david_lynch meeusen_1 meeusen_5meeusen_3meeusen_4 meusen_2 urine_1


Here’s the original video with overdubs and a clearly exasperated Sven Nys…

Play us the heck outta here Patrick