A Few Thoughts on Babies and Ian Foyster


A quick thought today. Or perhaps, several thoughts but I’ll keep them to myself. First, lots of congratulations, handshakes and backslaps to our California sales rep Tony Zanca. He and his wife had their first child, Elijah Stephen! Bloggy has known Tony for a while and I can only assume his son will be a beast on the road bike, just like his old man. Hopefully, he doesn’t inherit Tony’s horrible mountain bike handling skills. I assume that gene comes from the mother’s side…

Elijah Stephen Zanca

Also, lets not forget our beloved Ian Foyster (service center manager, Arsenal supporter) tragically lost his life in a senseless act of violence five years ago (10/25/2009). We still think about the old coot all the time and hope he has found peace in the afterlife. Drink a beer or a tumbler of cheap vodka (his favorite) in honor of his memory!



In Place of Real Insight


Sometimes when we’re zooming around in our cars and fanciful motor-coaches, we forget that there are some amazing things we miss because we’re going to fast or we’re busily texting without a care in the world. That’s why it’s always nice to take a leisurely cycling jaunt instead of driving to really soak in your surroundings. It was during such a jaunt that I discovered, lying at the bottom of a vertiginous embankment “Old Yeller”. With a diameter of approximately 4 feet and sustaining a temporary ecosystem of crickets and spiders, I realized Christmas had indeed come early! I threw my bicycle down (upon a gentleman who was fast asleep on the sidewalk) and scrambled down the embankment, spider monkey style. Sure enough, “Old Yeller” was puncture free and holding air. Who would discard such a treasure? “Surely some slackjaw yokel who burns money every chance they get” was my internalized answer! I emptied as much of the brackish muck as I could and rode back to the office to bestow my gift upon our altar to the cycling gods. Yes, today is a Thursday to remember. Huzzah!


Check out Cal (customer service) STRAIGHT CHILLIN’! That’s my boy!



New Muc-Off Uberwax Packaging

Dear lord, what is happening in the world of bicycle industry packaging? Sometimes, it’s all about presentation and our newest vendor Muc-Off seems to have this valuable lesson tattooed on their collective foreheads. Por ejemplé, their Uberwax (CLNR5082) features a sexy box, vibrant colors, a super-sexy drawstring pouch stuffed full of dead-sexy products like a towel, applicator and the wax itself in a clear Lucite jar that screams MEGA-DEAD-SUPER-SEXY. Behold…


Asheville Cyclocross Series at Pisgah Brewing

Willem de Kooning’s “Asheville”, 1948


Sunday was the last installment of the Asheville Cyclocross Series at Pisgah Brewery in Black Mountain. Bloggy was ecstatic that the race was in BM since his interest in De Kooning’s 1948 stay in the mountain village and subsequent works resulting from said stay are known throughout the cycling blogosphere. Bloggy seemed to be the only person interested in this as most other race attendees seemed fixated on making sure their Honda Elements and Subaru Outbacks were overburdened with the correct number of bike racks and beer-related/cycling componetry window decals. Huh, such is life! Back to the race. The weather was chilly and rain fell intermittently. The grass on the course held up for the most part but there were several slick turns that caused a crash or three. Bloggy saw Josh (graphics) go down once on a particularly nasty 90 degree-er. It was of little consequence. Josh raced with the conviction of a disaffected Jean Paul Satre on sleeping pills. He finished mid-pack. Kevin (product videos) had a great start and was riding in the top six or seven for the first lap. Each subsequent lap saw Kevin fall further and further back in the field until he literally ceased to exist, a spectral shadow finishing the final lap before dissolving into a miasma of fatigue and despair at the finish line, only to be re-constituted after some food truck cuisine and several beers. AVLCX puts on a fine series. Now on to the NCCX series. Here are some photos of Hawley-ites and Non-Hawley-ites racing bicycles…


Crash at the start. Not sure what caused it but it created some much needed pandemonium:

avlcx_4 avlcx_5 avlcx_6 avlcx_7 avlcx_8 avlcx_look_behind avlcx_masters

The only point in the race where Kevin held a decisive lead over Josh:


An appearance by Captain Morgan and his ubiquitous purple Independent Fabrication. Got a little captain in you?


First race drone sighting of the year. All hail our drone overlords:

drone_avlcx_2josh_avlcx_1 josh_avlcx_2josh_avlcx_3 kevin_avlcx_3kevin_avlcx_2kevin_avlcx_1 kevin_avlcx_4 kevin_avlcx_5 masters_avlcx_1kevin_framebell_avlcx_1

Amazing Catlike Giveaway


In honor of this week’s blood moon and the enchanted blade of– wait. Wrong blog post. Forget that first part and pay attention to this: Bloggy has one Catlike podium hat that must be given away at all costs. This is not a scam. This is not some Bill Fehr-ish three card monty setup in the back alleys of the Queen City designed to rob you of your money and then your dignity. This is a giveaway in which a limited edition Catlike hat will be given to a human being, FREE OF CHARGE. The only caveat is you must correctly pair the proper tuxedo cat to its corresponding helmet. Impossible? A resounding yes. However, if you go to Hawleyusa.com, click on “Online Catalog”and scan through our Catlike helmet selection, you will find clues buried within bullet points to help you match cat to hat (helmet, whatever, it was a good rhyme.) This contest is not open to Hawley employees. Any Hawley employee trying to enter will be mercilessly flogged. Repeat, your flogging will be swift and in front of people who will resemble your friends and family. Simply leave your answer in the comments section with your name and we’ll message you through the Facebooks if you win the hat. If you’re local, you can pick it up. If you want to leave your answer on the Hawley Facebooks page, you can do that as well. OK, scary warning over with, let’s check out the caaaaat board!



Living Large: It Is Monday, Bloggy Has Nothing

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 3.59.22 PM

Dan Large dropped by Hawley Manor last week to go through the 2015 Campagnolo line up. Everybody knows the cranks have been re-jiggered but there’s a lot of exciting changes with their wheelsets as well. Swing by their website and take a gander. Also, a hearty welcome to Buddy who will be handling dealers’ and distributors’ Campagnolo technical issues for the east coast. Buddy lives in Asheville, but Bloggy won’t hold that against him…


In other news, Brantley (inside sales) walked his dog Oakley the other day and Kevin attacked a cargo van in Lake Tahoe.




Greetings From Sparks, Nevada

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.17.35 PM

A lot of folks might not realize this, but we have a pretty awesome crew working in our west coast mothership (in bucolic Sparks, NV). They’re all veterans of the shipping logistics world and do a pretty awesome job keeping our shops west of the Mississippi fully stocked. Unbeknownst to them, our  product video cro-mag Kevin flew to Reno over the weekend to shoot our new line of EVO bikes in the confines of our Sparks warehouse! Anthony K. had to issue a “no brutal face slappings” warning at Monday morning’s meeting since Kevin would be running around the warehouse making a general nuisance of himself to everybody. After 24 hours, a visibly shaken and malnourished Kevin reported he was bruise-free and had befriended everyone despite his best efforts otherwise. After Kevin is done this week with this massive EVO project, you’ll soon get to experience EVO bikes in any and all creative forms; print, video, interpretive dance, theremin, etc. Bloggy’s collection of EVO haikus comes out next friday (as soon as I can get my sorry self to Kinko’s). “A fat bike cruiser, ridden by pantsless Jose, Vomit … everywhere”

From left to right: Il Professore, Ole Smiley, Ole Lefty, Lil’ Jumbo, Nas, JL The Ambassador of Love, Doctor Pinchy, Colonel Anthony Kordonowy, The Man With Tape Guns for Hands, Flaming Bag of Integrity, Hider the One Who Hides, Cromnor of the 23rd Dimension But Only On Tuesdays, E-Bowla The Gutterball Master, Phantom Pants, Lacivious Larry and his Bed Bug Circus:


Kevin had to make sense of this:


Now we have to make sense of this:


Current Trends in Wheel Packaging: Update!


If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know we’re on part 12 of our ongoing look at changing patterns in wheel packaging for the cycling industry. While most companies use the tried and true method of 1) box with 2) plastic discs on the end of each axle, a few have branched out with innovations such as stiffer plastic discs and an extra piece of cardboard on the top and bottom of the box (Zipp pioneered this breakthrough and has since become an industry standard for higher end wheels). Well, we’d thought we’d reached the ceiling for wheel packaging but our newest vendor, EASTON, has reinvented the wheel (box) so to speak with their lateral stabilization platform system. It’s really quite brilliant. Instead of two pieces of cardboard on the antipodal ends of the wheel box, cardboard sleeves are used on the side with the wheel being slotted in. When the pieces are pressed into the box (with wheel engaged), they are tensioned just enough to keep the wheels firmly in place while making the overall integrity of the box stiffer, thus more protection for the wheels on their perilous journey from production to distribution to shop. Sadly, by the time these wheels make it to a showroom floor, the average consumer is blissfully unaware of the engineering marvel that ensured a safe journey. Join us for part 13 next month, embrocation lid advancements and concurrent trends in the rise of the South African Rand (ZAR) and its decreasing custodial role in the African gold market.