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Your Tuesday Morning Air

Courtesy of video whiz Kevin (from the weekend’s downhill race in Clemson)…


Blur-tastic right? Well, here’s Kevin railing a berm with the assistance of his newly acquired ANSWER Protaper (HDBR6354 for those of you following along in your catalog). 780mm of steering certainty! By the way, he’s riding a set of HAYES Prime disc brakes which he installed the day of the race which may or may not have been the right call considering the back hose was chock full of air bubbles. Brake bleeding never won nobody nothin’… but you can’t go wrong with the industry standard, the Hayes Pro Bleed Kit (BKPT7053), new and improved for the most incompetent bleeder around!


Predator Theater Players & New Year’s Resolution #1: Tell Jose “I Love You” 50 Percent More

Poor Sven Nys, the burly Belgian can’t buy a break (whoa! inadvertent alliteration). Yesterday’s GVA race looked like it was heading to the sprint finish we would’ve had at Tuesday’s race until a not-ready-for-primetime pit minion caused Nys to wreck and hand Niels Albert another victory. Sporza has the final lap so you can judge for yourself. Clicky click the blurry image for the stream, which judging by the clarity originated on the freaking Moon…

Prediction: Predator #4 Plays Topher Grace’s Vertebrae Like A Xylophone

If this image doesn’t lift your spirits and brighten your day, then you’re what we call, “on the ball”. By the way, is anybody else nervously X-ing out the days on their calendar until the release of “Predators” in theaters, nationwide? Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburne, Abe Vigoda? I smell box office gold. Here’s hoping there’s a scene with the head honcho Predator sipping cognac in his sitting room with an oil painting of an armless Carl Weathers over his fireplace as he discusses the finer points of disembowelment with his predator grandchildren. July 9th gentle reader, July 9th….

If there was one lesson “Dynamite” magazine taught us, it was that children hate reading. But children like looking at goofy television celebrities, and thus “Dynamite” prepared an entire generation of future “People” and “US Weekly” subscribers. But what’s venerable comedy juggernaut Jimmie Walker smiling about? Perhaps the resurrection of the sub-Saharan wasteland his career had dissolved into at last year’s Gathering of the Juggalos where he shared precious stage time with Pauly Shore? Yes, but in addition to that rancid cherry on top of a dog turd sunday of a career, he’s also super-pumped about the impending delivery of July’s Masterlink to all of his favorite outside sales reps who’ll be visiting their favorite independent bicycle dealers. Featured are all sorts of delightful DT Swiss bobbles and trinkets, the debut of the new CLIF crunch bar, Super freaking awesome deals on Craft clothing and the Pace Edge visor, named after former Hawley suspension troll, Jeremy Edge. “Ain’t we lucky we got emmmmm….”

(The average yearly subscription rate for “People” magazine is $105.47. Seriously)