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Hatred Brothers Brewing


Beer and bicycling have nothing to do with each other and I challenge you to show me statistical evidence to the contrary. Pear brandy and keirin? A thousand times yes. Beer? No. So I guess you could say Patrick and Kevin are blazing a new trail with their “closeted” beer brewing side project. A bucket full of guiness-like stout and a fanny pack full of dreams. Whoa, that sounds like a movie tagline waiting to happen. “Nick Nolte is the grizzled Campagnolo purchaser who is chasing one last chance at home brewing glory. Stephen Hawking plays the upstart, mentally deranged teenage pool boy rescued from the streets and taken under the brewing wing of the taciturn Nolte. Trouble is on the horizon when a house full of law students across the street start brewing their own pale ale and decide to play ‘hardball’ with their newest competition. Then somebody buys a Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft cannon and all heck breaks loose! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn about life in… Hatred Brothers Brewing: Enter the 37th Chamber (of Hilarity!)”…

beer_bucket  patrick_beer_bucket   patrick_kevin_brewing




Sarah’s Rebuttal

A few blog posts ago, it was implied that our director of credit and AR was a hopeless lush. This implication was made in the spirit of friendship and good-natured ribbing but Sarah has since provided Bloggy with “the real photos” and her corresponding recollection of the accompanying conversation, watching our IT Director Phil drink absinthe spritzers while he simultaneously threatened and bored Matt (customer service), Andy (receiving) and Dylan (shipping) to tears…



phil_plotting copy





Heavenly beauty



Fare thee well Katherine

Last Friday was Katherine’s (graphic designer, weapons enthusiast) final day at Hawley. A staunch progressive, avid Gamecock supporter and lover of vegan cuisine she was never shy to fly her leftist flag in the face of injustice everywhere. Bloggy thinks of himself as a good democrat but holy cow, Katherine made Amy Goodman look like Huey Long! Good luck on your new adventures Katherine!


Bring Your Dog to work: Rosie!


Named after either The Riveter or the robotic maid, Rosie (one of Clayton’s dogs) graced us with her presence in the office today. She’s well behaved, hyper-muscular, prone to drooling and enjoys Chex Mix (like her owner). She enjoys lots of Chex Mix, but luckily Clayton was on a sales call so he didn’t have to help Bloggy feed her half a bag of the “Bold and Spicy”. Now that’s what I call late night diarrhea! Have a frank and productive weekend…





IMG_2764 IMG_2751

Get On my Level

Meet Sarah, Director of our Credit and AR. Straight-talker, Cubs fan, teetotaller.


Also, Handlebar Happy Hour was a happenin’ good time. Our fair city finally has a voice in city hall fighting for bike lanes and general cycling infrastructure. It was good to hear the Q&A even though several unsavory characters kept hogging the free beer pitchers. You know who you are. Shame! SHAME! Martin from Outspokin’ was drinking Tab. Go figure.




No Country For Old Bikes

“Let me ask you something. If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?”


Our esteemed junior designer Katherine has a father, like most of us. This father of hers (or “Most Dearest Faaaa-tha” as Katherine calls him) is a stern yet just man, and therefore rides a 1970′s era Raleigh road bicycle. Sadly, it has fallen into disuse. Oxidized bolts, dilapidated cables, feculent disease-riddled handlebar tape and a Confederate general who inhabits the bottom bracket shell known simply as The Brigadier are just the start of the list of problems with this bicycle. Katherine has renamed this list into “Patrick’s Lunch Fun Time” and in doing so, has conscripted the hapless sad sack to lead the overhaul. Because misery loves company, Bloggy helped change the tires and tubes while Kevin bashed on a seized seatpost with the love and tenderness of a meth-addled Roberto Duran. Patrick has cables to run, handlebars to wrap and then it’s ready for Katherine’s father. We hope he will be kind in his assessment and generous with his craft beer.

A headset with a seal that has transmogrified itself into a space age polymer synth-paste.




Shameless Thule product placement.



Kevin attacks the seatpost with vigor.


Can’t front on Suntour.


A bygone era.


Burrito Ride

Different faces, familiar faces, melted faces, same ole Burrito ride. Bloggy was too busy talking to José to get proper documentation of Clayton “absorbing” his burrito in 4 bites but here’s a taste of the carnage. Also, the Mexican coke was superb as usual. Have a frank and productive weekend.




This pothole caused a flat two weeks ago and has only widened. #columbiapublicworks


Teddy’s grimace isn’t related to the  Catlike LEAF helmet (HLMT13312 for those of you following along in your online catalog) or its anti-insect netting or its integrated 2D visor but Kevin’s unnecessarily aggro sitting position.





Matt Wheeler: Ambassador of Freedom

“Hey Rick! How ya feelin’ these days?”



Matt (SRAM product manager, loud talker) went to U of Kentucky and has college basketball coursing through his veins, but we won’t hold that against him. In addition to organized competitive athletics, he’s also got SRAM coursing through his veins, and while there’s not enough penicillin in the world to eradicate this scourge from his body, we trust the SRAM folk treated Matt well when he visited their Global Distributor Meeting in Germany last week. Anytime SRAM delivers a product manager to a corporate gathering in a hood and handcuffs within the belly of a Denel Rooivalk, you know the good times are on the horizon! Visual proof… of good times!