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Calling All Blog Supporters


As you may or may not know, our beloved ole’ bloggy has been in a hell of a battle with cancer over the past 3 years.  Needless to say, if you’re going to fight the nastiest of the C-words, that’s going to take some serious funds and right now the bills are stacked up higher than camel co… well, they are very high.

In an effort to help offset some of these astounding medical bills, a YouCaring crowd funding site has been set up. All of us at Hawley would greatly appreciate it if you would consider donating to help out. Any amount, even just a few bucks, goes a long way in helping these guys out!  Also be sure to send all your thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, and good sensations in the comments below.  We’re all rooting for you Ken!!

Click here for the fundrasing site.


Road Cycling World Championships

Now that it’s been a few weeks, and we’ve all had time to digest the cycling buffet that was a week-long celebration of road cycling at its highest level, Bloggy can safely post these photos from our Hawley World Championship Interloper, Cal (Last Name Withheld). Ordinarily, Cal works as a customer service goon, bleary-eyed, slobbering into a headset while he tries to hunt down a missing set of training wheels for a shop in Akron, Ohio. But the week of the championship, he morphed, nay, pupated into Hawley World Championship Interloper. His mission was simple: get VIP passes from a certain vendor and use said passes to walk around and bug the hell out of innocent bystanders. As usual, things did not go Cal’s way and he was left on the inside, looking even more inside, rather than being on the outside and drinking lime flavored Bud Lights with inebriated Dutch cycling hooligans. As usual Cal found himself caught within the cycling equivalent of a Richard Powers novel so he made the best of it, riding around ON the course (tsk tsk) and snapping some candid shots of his favorite riders as they chilled post-race, figuring out the fastest way to get out of Richmond, Virginia. OK, enough character assassination, lets see Cal’s photos from the World Championship!…

Dutch and Belgians working together, for once…


Rider’s drill it like nobody’s bid’ness


Our friends at Maxxis had a visible presence at the race. Can you find it?


I spy a mysterious arm tattoo!


After the race, a deflated Phillipe Gilbert rides to the “Drown Your Sorrows” German RV for an evening of David Lynch-styled debauchery and ether-binging.


Hot corn! It’s this year’s Paris Roubaix winner, John Debenkolb. He was giving some post race interview love to a couple of worthless cycling reporters (I mean seriously, is there any easier job? I’m surprised some of these visigoths in collared shirts can form complete sentences for their respected magazines/websites after reading several world championship wrap-ups. It’s like they were asked to write like a lobotomized Alain Robbe-Grillet, but waaaaaay more boring) when Cal decided to barge in and steal a “candid” snap of a rider who looks eerily similar to local rider Justin Bristol. GAH!!!!


“Please excuse me my friend, but I must go make number 2. Thank you.”


The always affable Andre Griepel and his cyborg bodyguard/handler. Check it out, Andre literally had his suitcase packed and is looking for the quickest way out of this Stygian nightmare.


Oh snap, a super-sexy Look hanging out after the race. Look at that handlebar tape wrap job, tsk tsk.


Sagan’s murder machine! FSA cranks! Umm, yeah! Get some!


A super-veiny arm displays Sagan’s motor-less murder machine in all its crazy-nuts-setback, world championship glory.


Good work Cal, you and your friends deserve a well-earned lap around the course! But we were confused, what do the thumbs up signify?


We hope you all have a frank and productive weekend. OK Patrick, play us the heck outta here!



Fenders Of Note

No worries gentle reader, the Blog isn’t back but for some reason, these fenders spoke to Bloggy and I thought, “I should share this with others” Custom fenders from our friends at WIT industries stretch the limits of form over function.




Not Quite Back in the Saddle; Cake Fiends

Rode a bike (a seven speed EVO Oak Hill Step Thru BIKE5621) for the first time in months. Left leg is useless but everything else felt good. Meanwhile, it was Tipper’s last day in the office. He’s moving to Durham and opening a beer shop/bar downtown which should be a great fit. They bought him a cake. He let them eat cake. “Courage! I have shown it for years, you think I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?”



Extended Leave

Hey ya’ll. Bloggy is sorting through some medical issues right now so the Blog will be taking a hiatus. Hopefully we’ll get back to delivering the inane ramblings of a distribution insider as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. Here is a video that may or may not disturb you…

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.37.03 AM

Bike Lane Confusion Battleground: AIKEN, sc!

Bask in the confusion. Who’s more baffled? Cadel or the Imperial Scout Trooper?


Now that I’ve got your attention with that muckraker-ish post title, Bloggy would like to give props to our product manager overlord JBK. He attended the Save Hayne Lane rally this past weekend. As usual, some homeowners and a few vehicle parkers find the prospect of an innocuous bike lane a portent of the impending apocalypse or some reasonable facsimile. “Won’t somebody think of the children?!” (Helen Lovejoy voice). The usual reasons have been trotted out for why a bike lane is a bad idea. It’s nothing new so just keeping moving folks. Apparently, JBK was lurking in an alleyway and snapped these clandestine shots. Sooooo this is what he does in his “free time”…

aiken_bike_lane_ride_1 aiken_bike_lane_ride_2

UPDATE! It appears a “compromise” of sorts was reached after a grueling city council meeting. A six to one decision means all bike symbol markings will be removed but the white lanes will remain. “Share the Road” signs and markers will be installed to add to the confusion. Read about a confused City Solicitor echoing the confusion of SCDOT in this article:

Sanne Cant Never Could

Greatest podium sad-face ever:


Meanwhile, El Jefe brought his beloved dog Riley into work today. Steve walked over to Tipper, placed his hand firmly on Tipper’s shoulder and said “Tipper, Riley is going to handle this order so take five, OK?” “But wait, she’s a dog. She doesn’t know h–” “I said take five… OK? Riley will finish this up for you” ARF ARF! After getting the hang of sales, Riley went over to Cal in customer service and made him show her how to use the internet. After mastering this skill, she and Cal left for a sensibly priced lunch at a local restaurant.


Welcome the newest member to the hawley family

Our customer service manager Matt Tagliaferri is a serious fellow. This trait comes with the territory when one’s occupation deals with putting out metaphorical fires and throwing oneself on metaphorical hand grenades on a daily basis. Here are examples of his seriousity:


That being said, Matt is also a kind, patient and loving fellow who now has a new member of his family to direct these oft overlooked qualities. Please welcome Emily Katherine to the world! Knowing Matt, he gave the doctors a thorough grilling pertaining to warranties and return policies before jumping on the hospital intercom to page Dylan…


In other news, non-baby related, a good bit was made about Mathieu van der Poel’s bunnyhopping the barriers and the advantage it gave him (over “archvolgers” Wout Van Aert and Lars van der Haar) . The idea that one must dismount the bicycle during a cross has been around since the start of the sport. But as racers and technology change and adapt, the barriers are now most often forced-risk assessment devices, making a rider weigh the advantages and disadvantages of clearing a set of barriers or wrecking on them (for most pro riders nowadays, bunnyhopping is a necessary skill). Obviously, the advantages are time and momentum. If barriers are too easy to bunnyhop in a UCI-level race then make them taller or space them closer. Perhaps add an extra barrier or place them on off camber turns. If folks don’t want racers bunnyhopping, then ask course designers to take that into consideration and make necessary rule changes where necessitated. During Sunday’s race, the camera angle was directly in front of the barriers so you didn’t get an idea of the uphill “punch” directly in front of them, which upon seeing in other video clips makes any rider brave enough to attempt a bunnyhop worthy of the advantage gained from it. Here’s a video I found from the first lap that shows a different angle…

Meet The Outside Sales Crew, 2015 Edition


(From left to right: Professor Faceslap, Skullitor, Andrew the Half-Obscured, Virginia Slim, Perfect Posture Paul, Nervous Smilin’ Steve the Man Who Has A Closet Full of Horrible Secrets, PJ Ninja, ‘Stache McGash, Habeebus and Butthead, Creep Shades Jr, Shorty Too Tall, The Abominable Tickler, Stretchums, Ian Cross: Devourer of Galaxies, The Portland Street Cleaner, Jay Z, Legalize It, The Floating Head of Larry Zogby, Teenwolf II: The Reckoning, Child Educator Plus Head Amputator, Fresh Meat, Ole Man Marble Mouth, Surfin’ D The Kiddie Pool Agitator, Vicenzo Nibali, Doug the All Star Organ Grinder, Tallish Tal Tumult, The Ice Berg, Carlos the Jackal, Ambassador Mom Jeans)