CX POST FACTO, or Straight atta Compton!


Bloggy meant to do a post-CX World’s blog post Monday but since everybody else and their mother had done a relevant post in addition to the fact that Bloggy was safely ensconced in a warm living room Saturday afternoon streaming the race instead of spectating in person, made the idea of a World’s blog post moot, if not inane and possibly regrettable. Would you rather hear about the horrors of war from a Vietnam vet or from my friend Jeremy who shaves his head every time he watches “Apocalype Now”? Exactly. Anyhoo, now that I’ve had time to think about the race and more importantly wait for my lackadaisical coworker Joshie to upload his race photos to the graphics server, I have had some thoughts but not very original. My thoughts led to insights and subsequent conclusions that have unfortunately been given ample coverage on other, more expedient blogs. I’d name them but you know who they are where they reside. The only thought (an observation really) I can lend to the post-World’s discussion is the sheer number of shop owners and industry reps/worker bees (barnacles clinging to the underside of the cycling industry’s hull) who stood around in freezing temperatures for hours TOGETHER, brothers in intoxication screaming obscenity-laced gibberish at hapless racers for the sheer pleasure of doing so. The schwag bags were there, the countless stickers and those ubiquitous Shimano winter caps (wonder why your Di2 group build is so pricey? 24 million dollars spent on Louisville winter cap giveaways) were on everybody’s head but the unfettered sliminess and claustrophobia associated with that other convergence of shop and industry (Interbike) was nowhere to be seen. It was an alcohol-fueled tribute to all that is good with American cycling. Harness this energy shops and vendors, it is rare that US cycling gets such a positive injection (pun intended) during the winter sales doldrums. And now, here is woman in a hot pink ski suit:


“Straight atta Compton”


“You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge”


Josh had photos of tire ruts and icy lines instead of racers so I assume he assigned some value to the shots so I figured since you’ve seen pics of Sven and Klaus and whoever ad nauseam, you’d like to see some of this:



A Brueghelian landscape of technical winter fleeces, overpriced galoshes and 35 pound DSLR’s whose owners only use approximately 11 percent of the camera’s different functions. Also, there is man with his pants around his ankles. See him?



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