Taking A Flyer

This past weekend, Adam raced cross in Winston Salem, Bloggy raced cross in Spartanburg, Matt and Teenwolf ran 33 miles at FATS,  but nobody made it up to Unicoi, TN… because we’re not crazy. That being said, if you’re looking for some hot cyclocross action this Sunday in the cradle of facial hair and Subaru’s, make your way to Asheville for the third race of the autumnal AVLCX series. Throw down with cyclocross glitterati like Justin Bristol, and that guy who always comes to his races and drinks!

Keeping with the “social drinking” aspect of today’s post, if you’re in Columbia, stop by the Handlebar Happy Hour and start your “When are they going to extend the Wheat street bike lane? Crimony, it’s such a tease! It last two blocks then ends for no reason!!!” filibuster around a horde of like-minded individuals. Fuel your passion for cycling advocacy after you fuel your passion for world class liver-pickling. Patrick will be giving the keynote address, he just doesn’t know it yet.

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  1. joshie

    Sheesh, just because I don’t work in the office much anymore doesn’t mean I don’t count! I went to Unicoi on saturday!! total mudfest for my meager CX4 race.