Commuter Bike Of The Week: Coping With Hyperkulturemia

I regained consciousness with a knot on the back of my head and blurred vision. Staggering to my feet, I ran trembling fingers through my hair and felt dried blood and possibly the remnants of leaking brain matter. I surmised my tumble had been straight back into a supporting pillar in the warehouse. Hyperkulturemia is a psychosomatic illness that is caused by a beautiful or particularly large work of art. Side effects often include but are not excluded to rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting and sometimes permanent psychosis. It is said the great author Stendhal (of “Red and Black” fame) kept passing out during a visit to the Uffizi. And it is with this background information in addition to my severe head wound and rapidly progressing concussion that I present you with this week’s commuter bike of the week! Justin (replenishment manager) took a mild-mannered Pake track frame and turned it into the stuff of children’s nightmares… Behold another of Justin’s creations in all of its motley glory…

First the mundane bits. If you run a bike shop, you stock a little part called RACK8010, better known as the Eleven81 rear rack hardware kit. This converts the rackless frame into a uh, rackful frame and it’s always good to have a few on hand.

Cheap but reliable, the Tektro 538 (and now it’s better version, 539[BKST10359]) is the brake of choice for thrifty customers who know the value of slowing down.

KMC single speed chain (CHAN100822) lovingly wedded to a Pake track crank (CRKS33671) which appears to have a painted chainring!

The Soma Ensho saddle in Mutha of Pearl (SD7029) must be seen in person to be appreciated.

Uh, OK. We don’t carry Oval Concepts anymore but this aero fork was lying around somewhere and Justin was lying around somewhere and they found each other and so, here we are. Once again, lots of warranties were voided during the construction of this bike.

Cane Creek SCR-5 brake levers (BKLR11170) disguised in a HUDZ Campy hood. Notice the subtle celeste Lizard Skin tape (HDTP1609).

You barely notice the Deda RHM-01 bar (HDBR16632) poking it’s tomato red head out of the assembled genocide of color.



  1. lance

    been thinking of shrouding the cane creek levers in hudz for a while now.. did you use the campy gen2 hudz? how is the fit?