Monday Nugget

First, this is an interesting story from the birthplace of Ozzy Osbourne about gas prices, bike sales and good weather…

Dana (supply chain gang) and Bloggy were honored to lead KENDA’S Jake and Joe around the roads of Lexington county for a pre-burrito hammer fest last week. I think Joe is an avid road racer and from what Jake said, he’s starting to get into it. I could tell they were comfortable riding in close quarters as both of them trespassed on Bloggy’s 8 foot group ride halo. Basically, I need 8 feet of space around me at all times to feel comfortable. The less space I have, the higher my WLs (Worry Levels) go on my IGRSC (Imaginary Group Ride Stress Chart). Gentle reader, I am a sketchy bike handler and would like to avoid sending a fellow cyclist to an early grave because of my carelessness. With this in mind, there were times when Joe rode so casually close to my handlebars that I almost made a double order of bib chili on a few sections of tight country road. OK, that was disgusting and for the most part untrue. It’s good to learn how to ride in close quarters, something Bloggy rarely does, and so I think it was kind of Joe and Jake to (inadvertently) get me used to the shoulder-rubbing proximity. Better to learn how to ride like that with cyclists who know what they’re doing than with somebody like Brantley whose haphazard style has vexed both riders and passing motorists alike for centuries. Anyhoo, Jake and Joe were veritable founts of knowledge on all things Kenda. Kenda has good things planned for 2012 so you should keep them in mind gentle shop owner and consumer when it’s time to upgrade the rubber. All of our tire vendors are marvelous but you would be hard pressed to find two sales reps who are stronger riders. We did a “relaxed spin” at 19.5 mph so they could “recover” from a previous day’s epic 60+ excursion in the Smokies. Holy moley, I need to find a new hobby. After the ride, Jake let me look at his custom STANRIDGE road frame. I took some pics but condensation screwed up the lens so it looked like parts of his frame are covered in obscenities and need to be blurred out (but you get the idea, plus Jake was riding Campy which is always nice to see). Apparently, Jake has a hand in Stanridge and its slow but steady rise a maker of only the finest in track and road frames (and whatever frame you might need). I was impressed that they skipped the ego-massage clinic that is NAHBS opting to just make frames and if you happen to stumble upon them, then all the better for you. These guys aren’t looking to be celebrities or millionaires, they’re just making frames that will give riders pleasure and performance (in my best Sadoff-ian or Sachs-ian narrative voice). Next time you guys are in town, we’ll go to the flea market and buy two dollar bottles of laundry detergent from the guy who’s totally insane.

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