Blatant Metaphor Tuesday With Outside Sales Heavy, Tony Wagster

There isn’t much that gets outside sales rep Tony Wagster excited. He’s been on the mean streets of bicycle part sales, pounding the pavement and pressing the flesh for 25 years. There isn’t a newfangled part he hasn’t seen and he’s seen everything because he’s an omniscient sales-bot that never ages. However, one new product for 2012 that had Tony extremely animated if not on the verge of an apoplectic seizure (literally) was the Blinder light from KNOG. The Blinder is just that: a blinder. Its compact yet powerful, concentrated blasts of retina-searing light makes a rider visible to bloodthirsty motorists but is small and fashionable (huh?) enough to appeal to a wide swath of cyclists. What do you think about cable-less, integrated USB charger? Waterproofing? We’ll give you a moment to gather the shards of brain tissue and skull from the Scanners-like head explosion I just dealt you. Dealers, pay careful attention to your print catalogs! PAGE 424 to be exact! In addition to lights, the Blinder counter set will arouse your customer’s interest and become a potent sales tool. The Blinder lights are so new, Knog doesn’t have them on their website so yet another reason to pick up a copy of the newest 2012 Hawley catalog. Who knows what other hidden gems are locked within its recesses (nude Troy Whelan stickers)

These images were grabbed from the Knog Blog so you, gentle reader, can get a sense of how these lights look when mounted:

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