Interbike 2011 Post: Frederic Tudor–Trailblazer

The story of Frederic Tudor is a history replete with the trials and tribulations often associated with commodities barons of the early 19th century. Tudor’s business was ice and the shipping of said ice all over the world. Using a vast supply of New England ponds (including the lionized Walden) for his venture, Tudor shipped ice packed within sailing vessels to a system of “ice houses” constructed in distant countries. His most lucrative destination was India where it is speculated that after the 4 month journey, 100 tons of the original 180 tons of ice was still frozen solid! Sadly, because of the advent of refrigeration technology and also due to the fact that Tudor was an unparalleled idiot, ice harvesting eventually became an obsolete if not impractical method excepting the most diehard of Luddites. Today, our ice is “harvested” by machines and dispensed at our leisure. A mark of the highest rung of civilizational development, ice makers are what separate us from the evolutionary misfires who walk amongst us, who text while driving and gladly pay to watch Jeff Dunham perform live. We use ice everyday to cool our drinks, to alleviate swollen muscles and to hurl at Jeff Dunham fans standing in line to buy tickets. As of Monday afternoon, we can now use this ice to bring us together, as a family, a working family, desperate for industrial quantities of ice. Behold, the start of a new era… of ice!!! A new… ICE AGE!!!

But wait, Julie (marketing sage) is at Interbike and sent us some snaps of the Sram booth’s cyborgs as the Hawley crew readies itself. One part Terminators (minus the killing) and one part C3-PO (minus the intellectualism), alllllll Taiwanese goodness…