Soggy Bottom

Saturday cross practice. Lush, verdant grass from 100 yards away, stink bog sludge-fest up close. The best part of the afternoon was seeing the old cross barriers (Version 1.0) still in their hiding place. Looking a little worn from a winter of snow and ice and a spring of showers, they still worked to perfection sending Bloggy down after a mistimed leap. Luckily the natural toilet mattress was there to cushion my fall. Not much mud at least, all septic overflow water and grass clippings to gum up the drivetrain. On a related note, Bloggy found out Jose is currently plowing his way through the “Battlestar Gallactica” reboot via Netflix. We’re hoping to rope him into providing episode synopsis on the blog and who his favorite Cylon is. We’re thinking Boomer but he’s mentioned Number 6 on several occasions while tapping his nose. His receiving department nickname? “Starbuck”


  1. Edge

    I would consider jose to be Dr. Gaius Baltar. Never know what he is up to, but the ladies love him!