Perpetual Catch-Up On The Tri-City Ride

This week’s edition of the Tri-City ride was its usual brisk paced affair. For this particular ride, Bloggy was without his wind buffers Josh and Adam, but I was on a bike with gears so I figured it’d be easy going. In addition, new overseas shipping guru Dana (I have no idea what her official title is but I know she keeps the container shipments well behaved) would be doing the ride so I figured I could ride along with her. As usual, I was late and when I kitted up, I didn’t see Dana anywhere. Oh well. The front end of the group made it through the traffic light as my half was left behind (as usual). The familiar game of 12th street catch-up would be in full effect. No Dana so I just kind of rode along. A guy in an Outspokin’ kit and a dude who I recognize from working at the post office flew past me so I jumped onto the back of their money train. We were drilling it and then the PO guy fell off so it was just me and Outspokin’. My irrational fear of being stuck riding with a serial killer started creeping up in my head but I kept it in check. With serial killer fears still lingering, I heard my name in the ether and realized we passed Dana. I slowed down to chat but Dana told me to go on, which sucked because I kinda wanted to chill out but instead I caught up to the Outspokin’ rider and we bridged back up to the main group. I was at the back and on the first incline, the lead group put in a dig that left four of us dangling. I thought “screw it” and just kept poking along as my three cohorts did yeoman’s work. When we got to 302 (I think, I still have no idea what roads are which on this loop), I figured I’d help out and did a few turns with an older gentleman in a Glory Cycles kit, a young college age looking kid who could use some bib shorts (Kickstarter anyone?) and some guy with aero bars. We were a motley crew to say the least. We swept up Mark and Vince near the airport and eventually made our way back to Platt Springs road for a spirited ride back to the parking lot. I thought I saw the drummer for My Morning Jacket astride a Pinarello but it was only Cycle Center manager Tipper chatting to fellow Cycle Center rider Ted (?). They looked approximately 70 percent less winded than me. Ah, to be young and properly hydrated. In addition to those chaps, Jittery Jed was spotted in what appeared to be a vintage University of Kansas kit, no doubt getting in some secret training for cross season. See you next Tuesday…

Group danglers desperately trying to claw their way back… TO OBLIVION! I’m pretty sure the flash went off so in addition to being the lazy jerk who wouldn’t pull, I was also the weirdo sex predator photographing men during a bike ride. I need to write a book: “Becoming A Pariah In 30 Seconds”

Speaking of pariahs, here are 3 of them astride lovely bits of carbon fiber. Left to right, Mark, Ted (?) and Tipper:



  1. MM

    The dude in the GC kit is Mike Edwards. We should all hope to ride that well when we’re 65!
    Good to see you out on the bike Ken! We need to put another CX ride together!

  2. Ted

    Yep, you got the name right. Also, I am not riding carbon… its the Cannondale CAAD10. Full aluminium!