Tender, Succelent Morsels of PAUL

This is old, but I saw a bike locked outside the local library yesterday with a hurriedly scrawled message affixed to the top tube and it reminded me of this nugget of passive-aggressive confrontation-impending justice from the mean streets of Brooklyn. Acquaint thyselves:


In product news, Patrick (Product manager, night-skulker, absconder of babies) dropped off a lovely-machined sample bobble from our friends at PAUL Components on Bloggy’s desk yesterday. Knowing full well that cyclocross season is fast approaching, Patrick has seen fit to bring in their cable hanger in both, brace yourselves, black AND silver. Handcrafted from the finest aluminum money can buy, 26 grams in girth, extra long arm WITH barrel adjuster included. How many other cable hangers come with a barrel hanger? None come to mind, but the ravages of last week’s back injury still weigh heavy in the dark recesses of Bloggy’s memory. Being handmade in California, Paul turns around purchase order quantities with the speed and alacrity of a well oiled machine (or mechanized night-skulker) so you can expect these in our warehouse any day now (cough cough, BKPT2114). Bloggy will throw one on his old “fuddy duddy” and give you a review of how it performed. It’s a cable hanger, what could go wrong? Here’s a quick woodcut Patrick made following the step by step production of a cable hanger from design to finished product (clockwise from the top left, Darrell the Bellower, Ricky and Teddy the conjoined woodworkers, Teddy Jr and Reggie the quality controllers, Bruce the crosswordist):

You can’t stop industry and commerce! You just can’t!

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