Ah Wednesday. We meet again, isochronal brethren of the dreaded Monday, but offering the hope and expectation of your older and cooler sibling Friday. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t the blinding glow of Valhalla or a Centauri 1000! But I digress. Bloggy rides the Campy bits (to bits) so this was intriguing. Looking forward to seeing a Movistar rider electrocuted during a particularly sweaty/feverish mountaintop finish (kidding, that’s a grisly thought). Now Sram has no choice but to release their Electric group this summer…

Paris Roubaix is this week so in addition to re-reading Germinal to infuse my being with the brutish spirit of the Northen France mining class and repeated close listenings to “Coal Miner’s Daughter” because I admire Loretta Lynn, I have also been scanning several helpful websites to to get the lowdown about Sunday’s race and its rich if not over-aggrandized history: A sneak peak at Andre Greipel’s aluminum Canyon. A history of the Arenberg related with such reverance that you wonder if the surrounding woods are not in fact populated with hobgoblins and trolls. Current betting odds show Cancellara is still favored after his falter at Flanders. Dear lord, the British love to gamble. Need a vacation that includes riding the fabled cobbles? Need to do it on a bicycle? Cycling Weekly offers an overview which has the requisite route, cobble grades and potential weather. Looks like it’ll be sunny. Pfffffft. Stupid overview. The Inner Ring has a cobble exposé and the subsequent hunt for them. Very informative piece crammed full of cycling trivia that can be used to annoy cyclists and non-cyclists alike. But seriously, we get it. The roads up there suck to ride on. Just in case you’re a Luddite or your Robotron KC 87 needs a new motherboard (not to be confused with Motherboy) and you also run a serious bike shop that caters to cycling officiandos, we have Velo Press’s lovely “The Spring Classics” (BOOK1109) in stock and ready for a coffee table near you. It’s of a sturdy hardback construction and bound together by 16th century hide glue stolen from the room that housed the Elzevir Publishing House’s first printing press. Each page features genuine, insular majuscule illuminated script commissioned by Velo Press in conjunction with the monks of St. Catherine’s monastery (The seven sacred daggers of Megiddo are sold separately).

The Hayseeds (wait for it) at Hayes have a new marketing campaign that could be a game changer in the hydraulic mountain bike brake world if it weren’t for this obnoxiously large Chrome bag.

Completely ruins it for me but apparently, 99 percent of the rest of the cycling world really likes it and so should you methinks! For more reasons why the pita-shaped messenger bag is inferior to the four corner styled bag, feel free to accost the spritely Rich Dillen on his bike in Charlotte and the man will literally talk you into a coma…


Hayesed Trailer from Thirsty Boy on Vimeo.


  1. JT

    Chrome bag?? Ha! They don’t make em that big. That’s a Shag Bag, made here in MKE. I was working as a messenger prior to returning to the HBG, and that was my daily sack. Two mail bins, no problem. eVise box? No sweat. All the tools for swapping parts properly during a Hayesing? With room to spare. Glad you liked the Hayesing otherwise though! It was a heckuva good time doing it.