Wait One Second, When Did Lew Alcindor Change His Name???

For your curiosity, a brief sampling of Hawley NCAA tournament brackets congregating in the sales office. First place avoids the termite pile of failure. Everybody else? Into the pit. As of this blogging, it looks like new purchasing department hire Megan P. is in first place. Other than the fact she once lived in Orlando and participates in roller derbying, Bloggy knows little of her necromancing ways but she is indeed a force to be reckoned with…

Adam’s love of the Keystone state is apparent with a Temple-Pitt final. His handwriting is suspiciously bubbly for an adult male.

Bronson knows the safest route to avoiding the termite pile of failure is currying favor with El Hefe’s beloved Tarheels. Picking Michigan St for the Final Four could prove costly but Bronson ain’t sweatin’ it.

Conversely, Bonnie’s upset pick of LIU over UNC is an audacious if not termite pit-guaranteeing move of reckless abandon that the Blog heartily salutes! SIC SEMPER TYRANNUS!

Megan P’s bracket looks strong but eyebrows have been raised by the “Suckerpunch” banner. A grim portent of things to come or a loving tribute to a movie that Bloggy still has no idea what it’s about even after 456 viewings of the trailer. Does it take place in an orphanage for adult women who also fight dragons but in WWI? Instead of “Suckerpunch”, perhaps a better title would be “CGI Flea Market”?

Tyler’s bracket is in shambles and it’s only the second day. Tyler sucks at this and he knows it and now everybody knows it. Consequently, he has taken to the drink and started “wilding” at various locations downtown. He has a scraggly beard and a rope belt and his bathroom habits are at best questionable. Hang in there buddy, we believe in you!

Matt W, who went to Kentucky, donates money to Kentucky, wears a lot of Kentucky mock turtlenecks and sweater vests, has a tattoo of Tubby Smith on his left buttock and is a distant relative of a man who had all of his bones melted into an amorphous blob after he fell into a vat of KFC gravy (seriously!) picks Kentucky to win it all. Don’t quit your day job Matt! (seriously, don’t quit. Then who will purchase Evo? Tyler? That guy looks like Tom Hanks in “Castaway”)

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