2011 Catalog Meeting: Pobody’s Nerfect!

The combined forces of the graphics department and product managing department assembled this morning in a Voltron fashion as we prepped for the start of the 2011 catalog. Most other distributors are or have already done this so this isn’t new to you, but for those wondering what it takes to put out an 800 page catalog with 20,000+ parts, here is a photographic flow chart detailing the oft shrouded-in-secrecy process…

First, the parts are organized and photographed and in a huge group so we don’t have to show them individually. Here is last year’s shot. Headset spacers are clearly visible on row 78b:

Then, we enter all the parts into the world’s fastest computer, which is powered by the unconditional love of a child for his pony, a pony named Burt Reynolds:

After the computer stuff, the entire process is given the seal of approval by resident sorcerer, Dennis Galbraith, head copy editor:

Then the universe is created:

Then a small snack with office coworkers as we discuss our never ending fear of Dennis the copy editor:

Then you get a catalog of a bike brand from 1985. It’s just that easy people:

By the way, Midlands SORBA formation/organization meeting is happening! Hawley was an underwriter of the last IMBA Summit (we coughed up the big bucks!) so anytime IMBA/SORBA want a get together, we must acquiesce. Please mark the date of October 19th on your calendar and bring as many people as you can. This could be big people! BIG I TELLS YA, although not sure how I feel about the “You belong with us!” tagline which is a little too Borg-ish for me. That is all. Have a frank and productive weekend.