Tuesday, The Other White Meat

“I’m outta here!!!!”

A belated congratulations to Hawley graphics department hefe Julie and the newest addition to her family, Lyndi! If you know Julie, you know she is not a fan of having her picture taken and one would assume that extends to having photos of herself published online, especially post-birth photos (almost typed “after-birth” but thought that might cause some confusion). It appears this aversion to photos is genetic as Lyndi shields her babyface from the encircled babyrazzi. “Lyndi, over here! Lyndi! Lyndi! Lyndi!”

Joshie sent this loving, bike lane-related homage to the GREATEST racing game ever, “Mario Kart”. Leave it to those plucky rain-sodden hipsters in Portland! What next for that city, HANDMADE BICYCLE FRAMES??? CYCLOCROSS RACES??!?!

Lastly, I espied this giant banner at Fort Jackson on my Sunday morning ride. First of all, Kid freaking Rock??? Second of all, what was the last album Kid Rock released (that WASN’T spoken word) and more importantly, what decade was it ? I didn’t even know he was still alive. Totally mind-boggling. Don’t look up ticket prices or your head might explode. But most importantly, if I’m paying 30 dollars for a ticket, there better be a Joe C surrogate or we’re going Altamont on those hucksers.


  1. emily

    In Concrete? In… concrete?

    Wow. Just wow. Most hilarious military banner since “Mission Accomplished”

  2. Troll

    totes <3 that banner. kinda wish maybe you had pocketed it, and put it up in your bedroom wall, above the pilfered stop sign. also, really not kewl with the clip-art bro's hairy pit staring me in the face on TW's bloggy. feel like 'pit-bro' might blow chunks of Hammer Gel(via sponsorship of aspiring cat 4'z)all over me as I read about 'xovathacountrie'