Getting A Grip On The Weekend With Jose’s Backside!

Rabid Italian cycling fans sprint alongside Basso lending him a hand. Job well done fellas!
Speaking of things that are rabid, Jose’s eyes got all “buggy” when he saw the newest Knog Big Dog colors soon to be in the USA (Dirty stone, Black & Concrete, and Lime). Wanting to show off the results of his recent VHS acquisition, “Toning Your Backside For The Ladiez”, Jose demanded I shoot the Knog bag on him for the sake of scale, etc as he rubbed his hands and arched his eyebrow in a most prurient manner. Horrified, I grabbed the camera and five long hours later, Jose finally found a photo that would suit his “needs”. And yes, that bag is crammed to the gills with hardcore Puerto Rican skin mags! I love this guy!


  1. The Ghost of Jerry Reed

    Our new shipping hire, Gustavo. He is a gentle, polar bear-sized Man Child.