Friday Afternoon Advertisements

In honor of our new 2010 Urban(e) catalog, a CASIO! wristwatch commercial featuring Joey Krillz…

And on the Left Coast, Massan doing a spot for Taiwan junkride-maker Leader (?) Bikes. WHy can’t these kids wear helmets?!

Massan for Leader Bikes from Brandon Finks Video/Animation on Vimeo.

Play ’em off Piano Jose…

Psst, our good friend Rachael at Palmetto Cycling Coaliton wrote an excellent editorial for “The State” newspaper. A MUST READ! (although the title is a little zzzzz, much like this blog post). Have a frank and productive weekend.

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  1. RachaelK

    For the record, I’d like it to be known that I initially titled the article ‘The Generational Crisis of Today’s Transportation Infrastructure’ BUT the editors chose to change it to THE most boring title ever. Rats!