Hawley Bike To Work Day, 2010!

Tons of thanks to Brueggers Bagels for supplying the ride with post-ride bagels, muffins and coffee! Not only are they committed to filling our bellies with awesomeness, they’re committed to supporting cyclists and cycle-friendly communities. Starbucks’ coffee tastes like bat pee and their muffins are borderline poison. BRUEGGERS FOREVER!!!


  1. MM

    As a bike shop owner, Eddie should probably throw a (big) leg over the TT a bit more…jeez.

    And before anyone takes umbrage, I've known the big Pole for 15 years…have you?

  2. Anonymous

    nothing like an owner of a multi-million dollar bicycle parts company to ride a bike with the seat too low and running shoes……mark, what do you know of "big poles"?