Queen City Cyclocross: Embrace The Carnage

With nothing to do, Bloggy drove up to Charlotte and watched 200 metric tons of red clay-infused mud terraform a once bucolic city park into a primeval wasteland. In addition, a cyclocross race broke out! Joshie was the only Hawleyite who raced but there were several shop employees and industry leeches espied from the parcours. Sometimes it’s better to let the photos do the talking…

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Bring Your Dog To Work: Homer


Wait a second, it’s Friday already? What happened to Wednesday? Where did Thursday go? Where are my pants? Bloggy is so confused. Time travel conspiracy theories aside, even though I find this gaping hole in my weekly timeline most unsettling, I’ll take a Friday over a Monday any day of the week, especially if it’s Friday. Now that we’ve settled that, it’s time to introduce our weekly furry office visitor. This week’s special guest is Teddy’s (Marketing Manager) dog Homer. Homer is an Australian Shepherd. He’s only 7 months old so he’s still got a lot of hyperactivity and curiosity that comes with that age group. Bloggy and Phil agreed that Homer looks like a Muppet come to life, which is pretty awesome if you think about it. He’s our Muppy Puppy!

homer_2 homer_hallwayhomer_running

Desperately searching for Teddy…


Homer, what have they done with your tail? Have you misplaced it?!


Homer passed the Jose test… and earned his love… forever.

jose_homer_1 jose_homer_2 jose_homer_3homer_1

Have a frank and productive weekend, see ya’ll at the Queen City Cyclocross race Sunday. Patrick, play us the heck outta here!


Another world class gcn cyclocross video!

I don’t understand, how do these magnificent bastards at GCN put such great videos together? I mean, the music could stand a bit of tweak (I’m sure the rights to Swell Maps would cost a fortune), but other than that, they’re top notch. Also, how do they get all these interviews that are actually cogent compared to their American counterparts who tend to wallow in existential gum flapping. Tom Meeusen tells his interviewer, “Take my wheel, and you are happy to enjoy it!” No Tom, we are all happy to enjoy it! A few screencaps with subtitles…

david_lynch meeusen_1 meeusen_5meeusen_3meeusen_4 meusen_2 urine_1


Here’s the original video with overdubs and a clearly exasperated Sven Nys…

Play us the heck outta here Patrick


Almanzo, a tire everybody can love

First of all on today’s agenda, there is the business of Patrick’s Campagnolo t-shirt. Apparently it is not for sale but only available to those with quasi-Jedi powers of product management or for those who incessantly bug their Campagnolo overlord for some fresh schwag to ring in the Thanksgiving season. We assume it is the former with Patrick but the man has been known to quietly pout in a forgotten corner of the warehouse if he doesn’t get to sit in the lap of our UPS delivery guy. Behold the t-shirt in all its wonderful retro design glory. How do they do it?!


Speaking of which, how does Challenge continue to make some of the best open tubular tires around? My first thought is necromancy combined with some sort of magic rock (or perhaps stick) but according to their website, their tires are handmade by people just like you and me. Huh, who would’ve thought that? Certainly not Patrick as he is currently pouting in a forgotten corner of the warehouse because he can’t find his magic rock. Anyway, Challenge’s Almanzo is a fantastic tire. Bloggy should know because he actually rode the freaking things! Low profile tread with knobs on the side (business in the middle, party on the sides) make these great for sandy conditions. As luck (or necromancy) would have it, I ended up riding on lots of sandy roads today and the tires plowed through everything. So grippy, so stable, so Italian! We have these in stock in either a black sidewall or a tan sidewall for you retronauts…


Sand? No problem.


Surface of Mars? No problem.


Horse dung? No problem.


Hawley Kit… In THE wild!

A gratuitous selfie taken behind the remnants of an indoor “playground” that has been converted into a gymnastics teaching center. Needless to say, I was expecting a soccer mom to come careening around the corner in a Chevy Tahoe, run me over, stun gun me in the chest and then call the authorities in reference to a man in tights behaving suspiciously on private property. Needless to say, I am unscathed. In regards to the kit, Northwave makes a quality product with extra long sleeves for those UCI numbers you’ll be pinning on all season long. Huzzah!


“Don’t be scared, I AM FROM EARTH!”